Lia Gordon 200x200 Meet our new team member Account Executive Lia Gordon.

Learn more about Lia below.

Career background?

I received my BSC Honours Degree in Computing with Multimedia and Digital Entertainment from the LYIT and based my final year project on Digital Marketing. I then started a graduate role at one of the Northwest’s leading Digital Marketing Agencies in Ireland. My role progressed to a Digital Marketing Executive where I managed client’s social media accounts along with creating content.

Role at Podium?
My role at Podium is that of Account Executive, working with a range of different clients and industries.

Describe your perfect Saturday night?
Stranger things, pizza, blanket and a bottle of Corona with lime.

Can you tell us a joke?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To put some coins in the parking meter……lame I know!

Dream car?
A vintage mini cooper.

Best holiday you’ve ever been on?
New York City – where I had the best pizza ever!

Cheese or chocolate?
Melted cheese!

Favourite sport?
I love swimming when I am in Greece. Does that count?


Contact us if you’d like to meet Lia in person and learn a bit more about her Digital Marketing skills!