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Copywriting: burying the angle to increase dwell time

Internet advertising revenue, the value of clicks and website dwell time are leading to the rise of a new phenomenon: the buried news angle. Podium copywriter Steve Maybury looks at the issue and explains why the approach may bring short-term gains, but will alienate readers in the long-term. The art of news reporting involves getting the angle of the story – the best, most… Read more →

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Social media integrity: our view on fake news

The last few months have shown us the ‘dark side’ of social media, with an overabundance of fake news stories going viral – and making a serious, real-world impact on huge political and social events. Like how a million people believed that the Pope endorsed Donald Trump: Source: Business Insider N.B.: He didn’t. Apparently, ‘fake news’ generated more engagement in… Read more →

Benefits of email marketing

Benefits of email marketing

At times, email marketing seems like another item to complete on a very big to-do list. However, it’s actually a very important marketing tool for establishing and maintaining a rapport with clients. Here are just a few of the reasons why email marketing should automatically be an element of any good marketing strategy. Cost-effective Most email marketing software applications, like… Read more →

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Christmas adverts 2016 – reviewed and rated

It’s that time of year again: the finest creative minds in the marketing industry have emptied their bulging sacks all over our televisions.   Yep, it’s Christmas advert season 2016 and, as usual, it’s a hot sticky mess of colourful cheerfulness and/or melancholy aimed at convincing you to spend as much money as possible during the annual festival of greed.… Read more →

Thanksgiving recipe

The Thanksgiving recipe for marketing success

First of all, can we all please press pause on the Christmas hype? As the token American at Podium, I must remind you of the goodness that is Thanksgiving. I’ve been constantly asked to describe exactly what goes into a Thanksgiving dinner from my British friends, while my American friends ask, “Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in England?” Both sides would… Read more →


Social media privacy: where do you draw the line?

The Admiral insurance group has unveiled plans to launch a product called firstcarquote, which will monitor people’s social media activity, tracking the personality traits that, in its view, make dangerous drivers, and adjusting policy prices accordingly. We are in favour of insurers finding ways to legitimately make our roads safer, but surely this is an invasion of privacy: an Orwellian policing of thought. This won’t prevent accidents from happening,… Read more →


Google searches for ‘memes’ outnumber searches for ‘Jesus’: has the human race reached its zenith?

For the first time in Google’s relatively short history, searches for ‘memes’* are greater in number than searches for ‘Jesus’. We’re not sure if this represents a high point or a catastrophic low, but we do know this: it makes a convenient and valuable point about accessible social media content. The historical moment was marked by Twitter [email protected], who posted the below… Read more →