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Life as an apprentice

As National Apprenticeship Week (6th – 10th March 2017) draws to a close, Podium’s apprentice, Elizabeth, has agreed to answer a few questions about her time as an apprentice. What are you studying? I’m on a Digital Marketing course which involves learning about SEO, copywriting, social media management and general marketing techniques. Why did you choose Digital Marketing? Social media… Read more →

buried angle4

Copywriting: burying the angle to increase dwell time

Internet advertising revenue, the value of clicks and website dwell time are leading to the rise of a new phenomenon: the buried news angle. Podium copywriter Steve Maybury looks at the issue and explains why the approach may bring short-term gains, but will alienate readers in the long-term. The art of news reporting involves getting the angle of the story – the best, most… Read more →

pope fake news

Social media integrity: our view on fake news

The last few months have shown us the ‘dark side’ of social media, with an overabundance of fake news stories going viral – and making a serious, real-world impact on huge political and social events. Like how a million people believed that the Pope endorsed Donald Trump: Source: Business Insider N.B.: He didn’t. Apparently, ‘fake news’ generated more engagement in… Read more →

Benefits of email marketing

Benefits of email marketing

At times, email marketing seems like another item to complete on a very big to-do list. However, it’s actually a very important marketing tool for establishing and maintaining a rapport with clients. Here are just a few of the reasons why email marketing should automatically be an element of any good marketing strategy. Cost-effective Most email marketing software applications, like… Read more →

Brand logos

Christmas adverts 2016 – reviewed and rated

It’s that time of year again: the finest creative minds in the marketing industry have emptied their bulging sacks all over our televisions.   Yep, it’s Christmas advert season 2016 and, as usual, it’s a hot sticky mess of colourful cheerfulness and/or melancholy aimed at convincing you to spend as much money as possible during the annual festival of greed.… Read more →

Thanksgiving recipe

The Thanksgiving recipe for marketing success

First of all, can we all please press pause on the Christmas hype? As the token American at Podium, I must remind you of the goodness that is Thanksgiving. I’ve been constantly asked to describe exactly what goes into a Thanksgiving dinner from my British friends, while my American friends ask, “Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in England?” Both sides would… Read more →