Podium takes a different approach to SEO by not just looking at the technical elements of a website. Our fully integrated search marketing campaigns are focused on driving traffic to our clients’ websites.

A huge number of websites aren’t set up correctly, and never have been. This means they aren’t performing as well in search engines as they should do, and as a result miss out on invaluable web traffic. This is where technical SEO comes in.

Podium’s SEO marketing services include a full remedial audit of the ‘unseen’ parts of your website to ensure they are in line with the very latest search engine requirements and guidelines. We will also forensically examine the visible content, to ensure it is fully optimised.

Best of all, we won’t blind you with science. Our SEO reports are clear, concise and transparent, and completely tailored to the needs of each client. You’ll get the information you need—including a translation of what Google Analytics says about your site—in a simple-to-understand way.

In a nutshell, we make it easier to reach your audiences. Our SEO experts will carry out in-depth keyword analysis to ensure that your site uses the keywords that your audiences are searching for, not what you think they are searching for.

Once we’ve set up your website for optimised search results, we can continue to increase your position in search with ongoing SEO services in conjunction with our Online Content Creation and Social Media services for your blog or news section of your website.

Have you tried searching for your website using an ‘In Private’ browser?

Google now has tailored search results that fools many people into thinking their company website ranks higher than it actually does. Google will steer you towards the websites you visit most frequently – which is useful for you, but not for anybody trying to find you.

The only way to get an honest appraisal of your SEO performance is to run your usual searches using an ‘in Private’ web browser, which gives a fair reflection of the search results an average web user will get. If you think you rank on the first page for ‘Newcastle law firm’ try it again ‘In Private’. You may be surprised at the results.

See what our clients think

“I have worked with Podium for some time and have always been impressed by their service. Many companies say that they are experts in SEO but Podium have demonstrated their ability to quickly get our website to the top of the appropriate rankings demonstrating that they really can deliver on their promises.”


“Podium have made a real difference to Newcastle Clinic. Since the launch of our new website and the implementation of a solid search engine optimisation campaign, we have seen website enquiries increase by over 125% per month.”

Newcastle Clinic

“I’ve had a good look through this month’s report and it is really positive. We are in such a better position than this time last year and everything is looking great. I think the enquiries and the busy-ness of the year are a direct reflection on SEO and repeat business as oppose to anything else. So thanks to you and your team.”

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