What is de-influencing all about?

‘De-influencing’ is the social media buzzword at the moment and is becoming a viral movement as we speak. This latest TikTok anti-trend is where creators try to de-influence you from buying overhyped products that you were probably influenced to buy on social media in the first place.

Instagram and TikTok are flooded with viral trends and recommendations in beauty and fashion with new trendy products every day, and even more dupe products to follow the original viral trend – it’s an endorsing mess!

Creators that actively influence products just because they get paid to talk about them have been getting a lot of backlash recently for promoting hyper-unrealistic lifestyles. After the controversial mascara backlash, de-influencing was born.

Influencers are hopping on the de-influencing trend to talk more honestly about their endorsements and are encouraging people to buy less, be more responsible, and are finally giving genuine reviews of products.


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Is this the start of truthful influencing?

Although this trend might sound like the beginning of the end for influencers and influencer marketing, this actually could be a positive switch toward more honest marketing. De-influencing is major evidence that users are sick and tired of obvious product placements.

All the influx of Instagram and TikTok mishaps in the light of the ongoing cost of living crisis has been the cherry on top of the cake. Misleading adverts can’t be tolerated in this time and age, marketing has changed, and consumers want REAL people influencers and transparency.

There isn’t a huge difference between influencing and de-influencing, but we want to hope that de-influencing is putting authenticity first and will lead to more transparency and honesty from influencers about the products that they use.

In principle, de-influencing will help reduce overconsumption and encourage users to question their shopping patterns and consumer culture.


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