I’m leaving PR and SEO aside briefly to talk about horses. Ethically dubious though it may be, we do enjoy a bit of the Grand National in the BIM Creative office, so we’re excited about this weekend’s race.

I can’t tell you where the smart money is going this year: I have absolutely no clue about horse racing. My tipping expertise extends as far as ‘don’t eat yellow snow’ and ‘never sit down with a lightbulb in your back pocket’.

I am, however, delighted to be able to reveal which horse will benefiting from the BIM Creative support.

Our eyes naturally skipped down the list to the rank outsiders and we spotted the perfectly-named Sergeant Pink, which seems highly appropriate with our choice of branding in mind.

A couple of £1 each-way bets later (at a price of 200/1 at the time of writing) and we’re sorted. Come on Sergeant Pink! Oh, and remember to gamble responsibly…