The team at Podium are delighted to have had the opportunity to work alongside the talented marketing team at anti-racism charity Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) to help increase their brand awareness and raise funds for their annual fundraising day, Wear Red Day.

The relationship began as all great partnerships started: dogs. When Luna met the beautiful Stella, we got chatting to Chris, proud dogfather and Fundraising Officer at Show Racism the Red Card’s Newcastle HQ. We got to chatting about his work and learned of the upcoming Wear Red Day, and he asked the Podium team for our advice on using social media, particularly Facebook advertising, to help increase awareness of the day.

Luna had to join in on the action…

Podium volunteered to manage a Facebook advertising campaign focussed on the event with a small budget to help promote the charity and increase engagement for Wear Red Day, which was on 22 October 2021.

The campaign

The goal was to increase involvement in the awareness day, raise brand awareness and to sell merchandise for the charity’s 25th Anniversary.

Throughout the two months leading up to Wear Red Day, we ran a Facebook campaign that included a series of ‘event response’ ads, website traffic ads, and engagement ads to generate awareness and promote merchandise.

The results

The Facebook advertising campaign resulted in the best turnout ever for Wear Red Day!

On average, the adverts resulted in:

  • £0.26 per event response on Facebook
  • £0.04 cost per click to the SRtRC website
  • £0.01 per post engagement

In the end, 250,000 individuals registered to celebrate Wear Red Day. Merchandise sales were up over 50% on the previous year, and the charity raised over £200,000 – more than £130,000 than the event generated in 2020!

“The team at Podium are so reassuring in their depth of knowledge and the precise nature of their recommendations. Working with Andy and Emma on our main event last year really did give me the confidence that we were successfully reaching out and inspiring our core audience. I can’t recommend Podium highly enough.”

-Chris Duffy, Fundraising Officer at Show Racism the Red Card

Andy and Emma were honoured to be invited to judge the charity’s annual school competition in 2022, which is an inspirational showcase of anti-racism artwork, multimedia, and creative writing.

We are also thrilled to say that we continue to work with SRtRC and have been working alongside Chris and their marketing team to plan exciting upcoming events!

Learn more about Show Racism the Red Card and how you can get involved: