Newcastle Clinic is a private clinic based in Newcastle.  The clinic has the only open MRI scanner within the North East and offers patients a highly relaxing and comfortable MRI scan compared to a traditional MRI scanner.

When referred for an MRI scan, many people are not aware that there are different kinds of scanners available. An MRI scan doesn’t have to be a scary and claustrophobic experience and Newcastle Clinic wanted a campaign to highlight this. They wanted a completely new approach to their marketing and a campaign that stood out from the normal hospital and clinical advertising.

BIM Creative developed a campaign called “Your Choice” which uses different parts of the body with a simple message, Your Body, Your MRI, Your Choice.

A selection of the adverts can be seen below which will be part of an outdoor campaign running over the summer. The campaign is also running online through search and display network advertising


We have also worked with the clinics internal website development team to implement a new website design which uses an open field as the background to carry through the open and relaxed nature of the clinic. The website, found at now focuses on the patient and has been re-written to contain lots of useful information for patients.