Earlier in the year, we ran the #Veilchallenge for our client Veil Cover Cream which had some fabulous results.

The campaign helped us find lots of new case studies from real users of the cream who were willing to stand up and say how great the product is. We have featured some of these on the blog already and will be featuring many more over the coming months. Have a look at www.veilcovercream.com for more information.

In addition to a month on month increase in sales, the PR combined with the SEO work we have been carrying out has led to a significant increase in organic traffic through Google.

Following the success of the #veilchallenge, we have now launched the #veiltattoochallenge to raise awareness of another of the creams wide ranging uses. We are now looking for people who want to temporarily cover their tattoo whether its for a wedding, job interview or just for a change of look.

If you or anyone you know would like to cover a tattoo, find out more at www.veilcovercream.com/veiltattoochallenge.