The latest changes that make running a Facebook business page (even more) complicated

If you’re an admin on a Facebook business page, we’re sure you’ve been pulling your hair out for one reason or another (or many, many reasons) lately.

The platform is constantly changing and occasionally breaking, making running Facebook ads – or even simply posting to a page – challenging for marketeers of all levels.

The team at Podium is responsible for dozens of Facebook business profiles and their advertising campaigns, so we have seen a huge variety of the changes that are constantly being rolled out by Facebook.

Here’s an overview of what to look out for and expect in terms of some of the latest changes to Facebook (or should I say ‘Meta?!’):

Some of the changes include:

  • Changes to Facebook Page Types: Page Managers: Are you experiencing a ‘Classic Page’ or ‘the new Pages experience?’ Ever heard of Business Suite? Facebook has been rolling out different layouts that can be utterly confusing to both new page managers and those who have been using the platform for ages. Plus, these rollouts are occurring differently for different users, at different times, and sometimes reverting back to old layouts. Quite frankly, it’s a mess.
  • The rollout of Creator Studio, which requires you to create and manage content away from your actual Facebook page…amongst other obnoxious things, like separating your ‘Published’’ posts from your ‘Pre-Published Posts’ (Scheduled and Draft posts).
  • The previously popular carousel post can only be done in the SUPER SECRET ‘Tools’ section from within Business Manager called ‘Page Posts.’

Why?! Who knows. What especially doesn’t make sense is that when we speak to our ‘Facebook Marketing Experts,’ they always say that carousel posts work best for ads.

  • Apple iOS 14. Don’t even get me started. Basically, there was a move by Apple to try to allow iOS users to opt out of tracking, and Facebook has responded by creating ‘Aggregated Event Measurement’ to try to get around it. The response by Facebook includes loads of actions for advertisers to take in order to run campaigns as effectively as before, but audience sizes have decreased and it’s more difficult to run relevant ads nowadays. And this whole rollout has resulted in pretty much everything BREAKING ALL THE TIME. Once things settle down, we will share some best practices for dealing with this- it’s still a work in process for advertisers across the board.
  • Facebook Jobs: Facebook now automatically changes any post that references a job opportunity to a ‘proper’ Facebook Job that allows candidates to apply through Facebook.

This is a great way to get in front of potential employees, but it can catch people out if they don’t realise what Facebook will do to their post.

So, for example, if you wish to post a job but attempt to post it as a ‘normal’ Facebook post, you might not realise how it will appear once you’ve published it. So, remember to always select the option to post a Job rather than attempting to post a regular post.

These are only a few of the FUN FUN FUN Facebook changes to be aware of – and it’s still changing constantly.

So, what can marketers do?  

Well, first of all, take your time when planning campaigns and expect delays, even for simple tasks that you used to easily do in minutes. And double check your scheduled and published posts to make sure that you’re actually doing what you intended to.

And, of course, work with someone who can dedicate the time and effort into ensuring your pages and advertising accounts are functioning as best as possible. The depth of knowledge required to get around Facebook’s loops are increasing daily, so having a dedicated marketing individual to manage budgets and fix bugs is key to having a positive social media presence.

If you are trying to figure out how to manage a Facebook page all by yourself, let us fight Facebook for you instead. ? Our team of social media magicians can work around the complexities of Facebook’s tools and algorithms to make your page a success. Leave the headache of Facebook with us!

Get in touch with any questions about your company Facebook page, advertising account or any other social media issues. We’re happy to take on the burden 😊.