First of all, can we all please press pause on the Christmas hype? As the token American at Podium, I must remind you of the goodness that is Thanksgiving.

I’ve been constantly asked to describe exactly what goes into a Thanksgiving dinner from my British friends, while my American friends ask, “Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in England?” Both sides would find these questions quite amusing, but from a marketer’s perspective, I’ve been thinking about the answers a bit… creatively.

As an SEO marketing agency, Podium does things a bit differently than other Newcastle PR agencies, but we have an important end goal that our clients can agree with: results. So, if I were to describe what Podium does, I might compare it to why American’s eat what they eat for Thanksgiving.

Podium’s marketing mix – if it were a Thanksgiving dinner:

  1. Stuffing = content creation.

Much like a perfectly crafted mix of bread, sausage, celery, sage, onions and ‘erbs, Podium’s content creation involves a well-thought out and well-executed content marketing strategy. The blogs, press releases and website content that we create is an essential part of the meal, and pairs excellently with the rest of the mix. Without the right ingredients, stuffing just doesn’t work – and without solid, clear content, your marketing cannot be effective.

  1. Green bean casserole = social media marketing.

Many of our clients ask: is my business interesting enough to stand up next to the cat memes and dancing babies that are social media? The answer is yes – when you let Podium handle your social media. Green beans just really aren’t all that great on their own: a bit bland, in terms of content. But, when you take green beans and soak them in butter, bathe them in a creamy sauce, and then top them with toasted potato chips… it will blow your mind. You’ll want to share that content with all your friends, and they’ll be perfectly willing to share it with their friends. We are experts at taking on subject matter that isn’t necessarily exciting, and smothering it with salty messages that will excite your potential customers.

  1. Mashed potatoes = technical SEO.

It’s not the most exciting recipe, but it’s an essential part of the meal that supports each other dish – and if you do it wrong, you’re in huge trouble. Podium’s mash is the not-very-exciting-but-incredibly-important technical SEO that makes sure that your potatoes are being served to the right audiences. When we fix a website’s technical SEO, it’s ensuring that your customers can find your services in Google, and when they reach the website and we’ve added that extra garlic, they’ll be thankful.

  1. Sweet potato hot dish = the graphics.

Back home, one of the staples of my Thanksgiving dinner is a ‘hot dish’ (Minnesotan for ‘casserole’) made of sweet potatoes, which involves a nice, thick layer of melted marshmallows on top. You heard that right: marshmallows. This is just like the graphics or memes we create for our clients: the images rely on the goods or services we’re selling (the sweet potatoes) yet we creatively add some flair (mallows) which provides a surprisingly satisfying talking piece for your social media table.

  1. Turkey = email.

The only way you’re going to get someone to come to your Thanksgiving dinner is if you provide the turkey. We will reach out to your current and potential customer base regularly, reminding them that yes, you are serving turkey, and it’s tender, moist, and delicious, and it will, of course, be better than last year. There’s no point inviting someone to Thanksgiving if you’re not serving turkey – much like the fact that there’s no point in growing a customer base unless you’re going to nurture them effectively.

  1. Gravy = the marketing mix.

It’s not a complete meal unless EVERYTHING is covered in gravy – much like the fact that each tier of the Podium works most effectively when it’s covered by the other marketing activities. The entire mix – stuffing (blog posts), green beans (social media) and mashed potatoes (technical SEO) –  relies on that gravy gluing it all together. That’s why our results are best when we can smother our clients in gravy… this metaphor might be going too far.

The rest of the meal consists of:

  • cranberries: the creativity we add to the mix – sweet, tart and refreshing.
  • buns: campaign creation. We’ll execute campaigns across all channels – taking a bit of turkey, mash, stuffing and casserole, scooping them up perfectly to result in the perfect bite – and preferably, an influx of sales!
  • pumpkin pie: we finish off each successful month with a surprisingly tasty report, detailing our clients’ sweet, sweet results.

To finish it off, I’d like to remind you that although a lot of details go into a Thanksgiving meal (and Podium’s marketing mix) there is a clear reason behind it all.

Thanksgiving dinner is there so that families can sit down and consider how grateful they are for everything they have.

Podium’s marketing is essentially there to make sure that your business is thriving – and in the end, you will be thankful when we’ve increased not only your web traffic, brand awareness, and loyal client base, but also conversions, resulting in sales.

If you’re looking to celebrate Thanksgiving this year or would like to learn more about Podium’s recipe for success, please drop us a line!