BIM-Creative-Copywriting-1024x768-220x170Some bloggers spend as much as 10 hours per week on content creation, on top of their full-time jobs, according to The Drum.

The research, unveiled as part of Social Media Week London, underlined the importance of keeping content updated, fresh, informative and entertaining. It’s so important that people are spending 40 hours per month on maintaining their blog.

The growing influence of bloggers and the utter dominance of online media (social and otherwise) as a way of receiving news and information would suggest it’s probably time well spent. The thing is, blogging takes a lot of time even if you have a knack for writing, especially if you want to write things that people will want to read, which as we know is the name of the game. (Not literally: that’d be a terrible name for any game.) It’s a particular challenge for small business, who don’t have large in-house communications teams to work on content generation full-time. As a Newcastle SEO and content marketing firm, we work with 20 clients to help improve their search rankings – and in most cases, help with their content generation. We have experience of writing copy for virtually every sector imaginable, and at working with our clients’ experts to ensure the content is relevant, up-to-date and on-message.

It feels like we write about this a lot, but it is utterly crucial: if, as a company, you can’t dedicate internal resource to updating your news page at least once per week, then outsource to someone who can. Content generation should be done in tandem with other technical SEO activities and with any promotional, media or social media campaign.

Check your company news feed: if it wasn’t updated in the last two weeks, it really is time to consider giving us a call.