Social media, the place where everyone can find their clique, their niche or at least one other person who also appreciates your weird hobby.

We have found and filed the most wonderfully weird fan groups, community pages and interests that we could find to prove that no matter how niche your interest, there is probably someone else that likes it too.


Bin Lid Stands

Exactly what it says on the tin really, images of bins that have somehow managed to balance themselves on their lids, the page has over 11,200 likes and followers believe it or not!


Genuinely Stoked Goats

Cats and dogs are popular overall social media platforms, but recently there has been a trend for alternative pets. These goats and their happy facial expressions have captivated over 190,000 people on this popular Facebook appreciation page.

Cool Number Plates

This group was created to find the funniest, rude and weird vehicle licence plates. Collecting and sharing photos from all around the world, this group can get quite creative.


Comic Sans Appreciation Society

The people that follow this page feel like Comic Sans is a font often mocked or frowned upon in professional situations. They want to share some love for the font and give it the recognition it deserves. Each to their own I guess.


Physics doesn’t exist, it’s all gnomes

By far the oddest of the Facebook groups/pages we have come across. Essentially it believes that physics is all a lie, made up by gnomes… of course.



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