Technical SEO and a strategic content marketing campaign will go a long way to helping bring organic web traffic to your site. However, in a competitive online market, it’s more crucial than ever to embark on PR campaigns that can engage directly with new audiences.

Generating buzz about your brand in mainstream media is still key to gaining recognition from new audiences. Podium’s strategic marketing and PR campaigns are a perfect blend of traditional communications and modern digital techniques to deliver more traffic to your website.

Podium’s marketing and PR specialists have many years’ experience at delivering campaigns for companies of all sizes, and across all sectors. From international blue chip companies to small business, we can help sniff out the stories about your company and make sure the right people hear what you have to say.

PR as a discipline is changing rapidly. With a greater focus on digital media than ever before, it is crucial to enlist the help of an agency that can bring together traditional communication skills with new digital marketing techniques like content creation for SEO.

Podium’s PR services include techniques that also support search engine optimisation by placing importance on keywords. You won’t always find this with other PR agencies.