The Podium office is just like any office, full of opinions and lots of hard work (obviously). One of our regular debates is about who is a believer and who is a non-believer.

We don’t mean who’s a fan of Justin Bieber (I’m pretty sure that none of us is), but about who believes in horoscopes and who doesn’t.

I am a strong believer myself (checking roughly three to four horoscopes daily) so, I thought I’d examine what our services might look like as zodiac signs.


Aries is the first zodiac sign, known for being a front runner and it’s no wonder. Motivated and relentless, SEO is all about getting your search engine position to number one.



Virgos are known for being the most cautious and meticulous. PPC is a detailed process of deciding the budget, checking the appearance and picking the right keywords.


People who are Sagittarius tend to be straightforward and intelligent. Outreach is about boldly sliding into editors DMs and presenting clever content, so we get the links we need.


Pisces are dreamers and Twitter is where your customers share their dreams. Tweets take creativity like Pisces; it can be hard getting a message across in 250 characters.

Organic Facebook

A Capricorn can be goofy but also tend to be realistic and organised. Facebook is all about timing your posts, being engaging and fun.


Libras are social characters, just like Instagram is a social hub. Libras can also be as indecisive as Instagram, constantly adding and changing features.


There’s nothing fiercer than a Leo and there’s nothing fiercer than business. LinkedIn is a dog eat dog business platform, although it has optimistic qualities of what you can achieve.


Those who are Aquarius are intelligent and different. Email is about standing out from the other spam in your inbox.


Clients sometimes don’t understand the importance of content. Like Taurus content is strong and quiet, sitting in the background doing its job.

Facebook advertising

Geminis love to talk and are curious characters. Facebook advertising ignites conversations and gets customers engaging.

Brand management

Your brand is your passion and how you show it is powerful. Scorpios are brave, resourceful and assertive – we can make your brand all these things.

Digital strategy advisors

Cancers are emotional, forgiving and understanding. We understand what you want and are on your side to help you achieve it!

When it comes down to it, we don’t mind if you’re horoscope mad or a full-blown skeptic!

If any of these services tickle your pickle – give us a shout.