Like the rest of you, the Podium team has experienced a world of change since March due to you-know-what. But never fear, we’re still the same superstar marketeers we’ve always been! Here’s a quick update from Podium’s MD Andy on where we’re at now:

(I’m trying to smile.)

The beginning of the pandemic hit us very hard; it hit most of our clients really hard as well. We were able to maintain a small sense of normalcy by helping out some clients at a reduced capacity, and we spent some time on training and re-evaluating aspects of the company.

Thankfully, we still had enough clients to tide us through and with the help of the furlough scheme, things are getting back to the new normal – we’ve even started working with some new companies which is something I never thought would happened during lockdown.

I am pleased to say that we’re now almost back to full capacity and will be completely by the end of August. But overall, I am so grateful for our clients that have kept faith in us and helped keep Podium going through this shitty, scary experience we’re all going through.

It’s almost incomprehensible that it’s already August 2020. These past few months have been absolutely mental times, and if I look back at the last two years, since we moved into a larger office, it’s actually been a rollercoaster for quite a long time now.

The lockdown has been a major wake-up call in a lot of ways for our business. We have now moved out of our office in Jesmond – which is a total relief because our landlords were a nightmare (to say the least). We might get an office again soon, but as everyone knows, nothing feels certain about the future, or even tomorrow. The whole team is working from home for the foreseeable, and it’s working well for us.

I’ve always promoted flexible working hours for my team because I believe in being productive rather than punching in a time clock.

The lockdown has reinforced this standard even more – Podium is no longer a 9-5 business, but we’re still effectively managing our growing workload. We work the hours of the day that are most productive for us. Sometimes we work on a rainy Sunday and enjoy a leisurely sunny Monday.

It’s refreshing to feel more in control of how we all contribute to our marketing work, and I think our clients appreciate the fact that we are available ‘out of hours’ to be flexible to their schedules.

Anyways… Here’s a quick update on what the guys have been up to during the lockdown:

Sarah had kittens! Her cat Rhiannon is a proud mother to four gorgeous little kitties, one of which is going to live with Michelle, who has named hers Dusty! ?

Also, Karl got a puppy! Meet Max:

Lia has been fighting with her boyfriend. Don’t get excited lads – he is teaching her how to box. ? And we’re all happy for her because she is now in Greece visiting her family!

The lovely Katie has been promoted to Account Manager at Podium and is rocking it with her new clients! Look at how pretty she’s made Bespoke Interior’s Insta:



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Luna has grown the habit of groaning/grunting all the time. She’s quite annoyed that she doesn’t have the whole Podium team to cuddle her all the time, but she’s had the chance to see everyone lately and has been enjoying her beach walkies.

Emma now sits on an exercise ball at her desk which is why she is quite bouncy in her Zoom meetings. She’s hoping to go to her best friend’s wedding in October where she could give her mom a hug.

And I BOUGHT A BOAT! Well, technically it’s a 25-year-old rib, but she still goes pretty fast.

Who needs an office when our next meeting could be spent speeding around the North Sea? Not even kidding – give me a ring and I’ll meet you on the water. ?


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