Bronze: Facebook Snooze

We’ve all ‘unfollowed’ a Facebook friend or two, right? Well, if the rumours are true (and there have been a LOT of rumours), then Facebook could also be adding another option in the form of a ‘snooze’ button. It allows you to stop seeing posts for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

This could be ideal for those friends who won’t stop posting Snapchat-filtered-selfies (why?!).

Silver:  Facebook is updating how they report on clicks and impressions.

This new system means Facebook won’t be counting unintentional clicks in campaign metrics and won’t charge for unintentional clicks in Audience Network.

In order to tell whether or not a click is intentional, Facebook measures the time a user spends on an ad’s landing page – if they spend less than two seconds on a page it is deemed an unintentional click.

For those of us who use Facebook for business, this could be helpful as we won’t be charged for accidental clicks that were never going to convert to sales.

This does also mean however, that it’s even more important for your ad’s landing pages to be optimised for fast loading and a simple user experience.

Gold: Facebook will add event attendees as an ad target.

It looks as though Facebook is planning to let us send targeted ads to people who attended (or perhaps didn’t attend) certain events.

This could be great for brands, as it’s another way of reaching out to people with certain interests that you possibly couldn’t have found otherwise, and reducing the amount of money wasted on the wrong target audience.

For example, an Italian restaurant could target people who recently attended the ‘Pizza Wars’ event at Wylam Brewery.

Off the Podium: Facebook is testing out self-destructing status updates.

An eagle-eyed Facebook user spotted an unusual update from the social media network recently when he noticed the option to ‘add a temporary profile status’ on his page.

This move seems almost retro: it reminds us of early Facebook days when the news feed would be filled with text-only updates, rather than the pictures, videos and articles that seem to dominate the page nowadays.

Although this move may reduce the cringe-worthy ‘on this day’ posts, and save you from seeing pictures of your ex and your dead dog, we’re struggling to see the point.

Let us know what you think: would you be happy for Facebook to roll out this new feature?



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