Ever since Podium moved to its new HQ at 13 Windsor Terrace, the staff have noticed strange things happening.

Strange, unsettling things.¬†Even when everyone else has left for the day, you never feel like you’re completely alone.

Lights flicker. Sudden cold breezes that chill to the bone. Scratching noises that scrape through the walls. Loud, unexplained bangs. Cutlery and crockery going missing. Alarms mysteriously sounding.

The occasional, distant sound of haunted children laughing.

When colleagues started to go missing, we decided enough was enough and started to investigate.


Huge mistake. Why couldn’t we just leave it alone… or work from home?

To nobody’s surprise, being a bunch of likeable, talented and creative digital marketeers is pretty much useless when it comes to battling supernatural forces of evil.

In fact, as we well know, the nice guys always get killed off first.

Here’s what we found. We hope you like it.

Contains scenes that some may find disturbing.


Happy Halloween!