It’s been a busy year at BIM Creative with the addition of multiple new clients both on and offline.

Our search engine optimisation work continues to gain momentum and we have helped many of our clients increase their online presence, deliver more enquiries into their businesses, grow their brand awareness and ultimately increase their sales.

Our search strategy is a simple three step procedure:-

1.    The first stage is overhauling your website to ensure that all the page content has search engine friendly titles, descriptions and that all technical aspects of the site are correct. This includes setting up all the Google services to maximise the information that is available to us and maximising the potential of the page content you already have.

2.    The second stage is where it gets interesting – creating content. We look at what your customers want, what they’re interested in and what they are talking about. We then create content that’s interesting, helpful, engaging and where possible, actionable.

3.    The third stage is promoting that content. We integrate all our campaigns both on and offline promoting content via social media, email and via bloggers and journalists.

Thats it – it works! See below for one of our clients who continues on the up in 2013! (The dip in November folllows suite with the housing market – who moves house at Christmas!)

If you would like some help and guidance on how we can increase your web presence, we would be delighted to hear from you! Just click on the graph below!