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Who would have known that a pandemic would shut down everything? I mean, apart from Bill Gates who predicted this in 2015. So how can brands adapt to the ever-so-annoying ‘new normal’?

In the current situation, many brands are unaware of how to incorporate social media into their strategy. However, in between the fake news and non-social-distancing idiots, social media seems to be focused on positive vibes at the moment.

Here are some ways in which brands on social media are making us feel warm inside because we can’t go outside.

Community groups

Living in an apartment block or on your own can already feel isolating combined with many of us not knowing our neighbours. On Monday, like many people, I received a letter asking me to join a building Facebook support group offering an online community for people in my local area.

The posts in the group included companies offering to deliver for free and local takeaways offering free pizzas for the elderly and most at risk.

Community Facebook group

Supporting worthy causes

If you work for the NHS (thank you) or know someone that does, you’ll be aware many food retailers have started providing workers with free meals, free coffee and huge discounts on orders.

This is a lovely way to say thanks to NHS workers and in turn, they may thank you with brand loyalty when this all blows over. You can learn more about this through our blog on ‘experiential marketing’.


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Sharing important information

The BBC World channel, alongside many others, has kept a large chunk of their advertising space for coronavirus updates.

Whilst you don’t want to overload your customers with videos of BoJo on repeat, polite reminders of the latest news can show you care.



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Mental health

In the past, social media has had a tumultuous relationship with mental health. But the latest ‘all in this together vibe’ has seen an increasing amount of people sharing positive content.

Maintaining mental health is going to be a difficult ride throughout this situation, but generating people-centred content with ideas for staying positive will help. With hospitality expected to take a hit, companies like The Stand Comedy Club are offering free virtual shows and Bongos Bingo are offering online bingo games.



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Keeping your customers updated

Customers may not be able to go directly to your business for the foreseeable future but keeping them updated about how you’re coping and what you’re doing is a great way to keep them engaged.

For example, if you own a restaurant you could post recipe updates for your customers, reminisce on special events or create polls about future events and menus.


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Brand visibility

Your social media following and positioning has probably taken a lot of effort and hours to get to where you are. Going radio silent is not the best idea as it could drastically affect your reach in the future.

Stick to your regular posting routine and budgets. You want to make sure that when this is all over your customers are still thinking about you.


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Whilst coronavirus should not be at the forefront of your campaigns, ignoring it could disillusion consumers. Stay positive, keep updating and carry on creating. If you need any digital marketing advice during this time, feel free to drop us a line.