great-north-ostrich-768x1024The 15th of September will now always bring back haunting memories. Not because of the Great North Run itself, but because of the Ostrich that made life so uncomfortable…

The challenge started just five weeks ago, when I received a call from one of our clients Percy Hedley to say they had a few places left for the GNR and did we fancy running for them.

Having done the run many times before, the answer was of course yes. Having done the run many times before in fancy dress, immediate thoughts were of what to wear?

So the morning of the run came which saw two Ostriches standing on the start line. Before we got to the Tyne Bridge, we realised the costumes were a bad choice… the lack of movement in the ostriches legs replaced the usual long running stride with a small sideways waddle and muscles were being used that I never knew existed!

It was a long slog but the run was completed in 2:22 with a total raised so far of nearly £800 for Percy Hedley!

Our charity page can be found at for any final donations.

Thank you also to All Fancy Dress who supplied our furry friends as their donation to our charity!