You’ve already met Karl Brown, Podium’s new Digital Marketing Apprentice. Now, we put him through his paces as he answers the questions that have baffled history’s greatest thinkers, such as ‘cheese or chocolate?’ and ‘what’s your dream car?’

Education & career background?

After completing my GCSEs at high school, I studied Applied Business, Graphic Design and Psychology in sixth form, whilst working with my uncle in my free time doing construction work. After collecting my A-levels, I decided I wanted to go into the retail world in a footwear store (mainly due to my obsession with nice shoes and buying way too many, according to my Mum).

Role at Podium?

My role at Podium involves learning new skills across the world of digital marketing, from social media monitoring to Linkbuilding and outreach. All with the guidance of my amazing colleagues.

Describe your perfect Saturday night?

Since I’m getting old my partying days are nothing more than a fond memory and sadly my knees can’t handle my disco dancing anymore. So, on a Saturday night you will find me at home with ice cream, a Chinese and either a movie or a Netflix series I have already re watched four times.

Can you tell us a joke?

What is brown and sticky? A stick. You can see I have learned well from my dad.

Dream car?

Dodge charger 1969. It MUST be the 1969.


Best holiday you’ve ever been on?

I recently went to Orlando Florida for the second time. I spent a lot of money on food because America does not disappoint when it comes to wings and ribs. I also got to go to all the theme parks whilst I was there. Yes, I did wait in line for the new Hagrid Harry Potter ride in Universal Studios for four hours and I can say it was totally worth it!

Cheese or Chocolate?

Why not both? But not together. Okay, if I must choose, then it’s cheese. Pizza, burgers, nachos… imagine trying to enjoy them without cheese!

Favourite sport?

It was football; however, I am old, my legs don’t like to do anything more than a swift walk anymore. I enjoy E-sports now when I can sit at my desk playing video games rather than real exercise.