Steve-Maybury-BIM-Creative-150x150PR and content specialist Steve Maybury joined BIM Creative in March. Find out all about his apathy towards chocolate, his most memorable day and his penchant for terrible jokes right here…

Career background?

Trained as a journalist with my local paper in Rugby, then moved to Coventry News Service/Advent Communications, a great PR and news agency in Coventry (obviously).

That influenced my switch to public relations, and I’ve worked at a number of agencies since then, finding my way to Newcastle in 2007.

I’ve handled PR accounts for clients in virtually every sector imaginable. Professional and financial services, law, education, oil and gas, manufacturing, automotive, roofing and construction, facilities management, IT, biosciences, transport and logistics…

Role at BIM Creative?

Account director, with particular focus on PR and content.

Describe your perfect Saturday night?

Sadly, I have reached the stage in life where 48hour hangovers – and sometimes even longer – are a reality. So I prefer to go out for a meal with my lovely girlfriend, or stop in with a film and a takeaway.

Can you tell us a joke?

Here’s one I wrote earlier: Sometimes I like playing at the park, sometimes I don’t. It’s swings and roundabouts.

Favourite car you’ve ever owned?

Difficult one – it’s a choice of two. Either my first car, a MKI Ford Escort in Mexico Green, which sadly rotted on my parents’ drive when I went to university. They are worth a fortune now and, while I believe in never having any regrets, I really wish I’d found a way to keep that car running.

The other would be my first MKII Toyota MR2. I’d only ever driven relatively sensible cars until 2006, but after ending a long-term relationship, I decided to buy a proper boy’s toy. The driving position, and the engine right behind your head, meant there was a real sense of occasion every time you got in it. The sunny day when I picked up the MR2, took the roof off and drove the scenic route home with my brother remains one of my most memorable days.

Best holiday you’ve ever been on?

I’m not especially well travelled, but New York and Florida were both great. However, Gambia for Christmas 2011 would have to top the list. It’s a crazy place: eye-opening, heart-breaking, heart-warming.

Cheese or chocolate?

Cheese, every single time. If chocolate ceased to exist, I wouldn’t be that bothered.

Favourite sport?

To take part in, running, though I was also partial to a spot of rugby sevens when I was younger and (much) faster.

To watch: football. I’m a St Mirren fan by birth (as opposed to by choice!), though geography prevents me from seeing them as often as I’d like. I did make it up to Hampden for our magnificent 2013 League Cup victory, though. Any excuse to mention that…