A surprising number of businesses and organisations still rely almost exclusively on ‘traditional’ marketing methods, such as print, radio and television advertising, over digital marketing.

These businesses have typically used traditional marketing for many years. They may be apprehensive about making the move from traditional to digital marketing and most importantly, perhaps don’t understand the benefits and reasons why they should invest in digital marketing.

We are going to give you five reasons that we hope would change their mind.


Sometimes we wonder with the extravagant amount of money some of our customers used to pay in TV advertising. So, the very first and one of the most important reasons to make the change to digital marketing is cost.

Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing, newspaper ads, television ads and radio. Not only do these cost a lot but there is also no accurate measure of return on investment.

In digital marketing, you can advertise in multiple channels with display ads, SEO, social media and more. Your budget can be modified to run a campaign, or it can be modified to what you can afford at the time. It is flexible and can be managed ‘live’ so you can make adjustments as you go along: if it’s not working – change it!

Analytics and results

With digital marketing, you can instantly know if a campaign is working or not. Traffic can be measured with Google Analytics in real time by monitoring statistics, such as your conversation rate, demographics of your audience, profit and bounce rate.

Social media campaigns and ads can also be monitored in real time, you can see everything as soon as the ads are live including the most active times of the day, the number of visitors and the number of purchases happening through your ads.

Digital marketing is measurable, and all your campaigns can be tracked. There is so much tracking that can be done that it will blow your mind. From tracking the number of leads your ads are generating, to your audiences’ interests and age.

Getting results so quickly means that if a campaign isn’t giving you the results you wanted you can quickly act without wasting time.  With traditional marketing, you usually have to wait weeks, sometimes months before you see any results and when you do get results there is no data for you to know where the results are coming from.

Target the right audience

Do you know who exactly you are targeting with your radio ad? Is it not just anyone that is listening at the time the ad plays? It is very difficult to target a specific audience or target by location when using traditional marketing.

Every company has its own target customers, the customers that their product caters for or the customers that are more interested in the product or service. With digital marketing you can focus on your target audience. By doing this you can advertise to the intended audience that will convert and reduce random traffic that doesn’t take action.

Interaction and engagement

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to understand that marketing is all about creating a relationship with your customer. If you are using traditional marketing, you cannot interact with your audience, you have to wait for reviews to come in and by the time they do come in you might have lost a customer.

Digital marketing and especially social media marketing allow you to interact with your customers in real time. Customers not only engage with you but can also give you extremely helpful feedback that you can act on immediately.

When a business is able to interact with customers it gets to understand what the customers need and most importantly create strong long-lasting relationships.

Brand awareness

How much can you really say about your business in a little newspaper column? Or a one-minute long TV ad?

Whether you are advertising or not, the internet has a wider reach which gives your company the potential to not only reach more customers but to also push your brand whenever you want. You can have your own website, blog, social media pages and an online presence that will always be there compared to one ad that is aired twice a week.


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