Arguably the most interesting aspect of working in digital marketing is to have the opportunity to learn in-depth about industries and niche businesses that are entirely different than what we studied.

Did I ever expect to be helping a company promote its multiplex assay that tests for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) antibodies in the fight against a global pandemic?

Nope, but here I am.

Our client VH Bio is a supply and distribution company of life sciences equipment and services. They specialise in Transplant Diagnostics, Molecular Biology, Immunology and Cell Biology.

We’ve been working with them for three years on their digital marketing strategy, including social media, content marketing, SEO, email campaigns and most recently PPC.

Although it’s a highly technical industry, we have done our research and improved the brand’s online presence and ultimately, their sales. Here are some of the results:


Podium’s search engine optimisation team has worked alongside VH Bio’s marketing team and web developers to help launch a Google-friendly website that can be easily found by new potential clients. Our technical SEO work combined with copywriting skills has led to many page-one Google rankings and increased visitors to their website.

Since we started working with them in 2017, we have achieved the following:

  • Increased unique visitors to the site by 167% – from less than 4,000 average monthly unique visitors to over 9,000
  • Organic search (the number of people looking for their services or products via a Google search and then visiting their website) has increased by 288%. This means that they are being discovered by over 5,500 potential new clients each month by simply ranking in Google searches.
  • After launching their new website which was optimised for search, VH Bio now ranks on the first page of Google for 35 important search terms. They’re also the very first Google search result for 17 targeted keywords!
  • In the last four months, we have increased web enquiries by 59% as compared to the previous four-month period.



We regularly help write, design, and send email campaigns for VH Bio to keep their current clients engaged and informed.

We work alongside their marketing team to create visually appealing emails with calls-to-action that convert: their average email click rate is 18.4% as compared to an industry average of 6.2%.

Social media

We have also taken on – and mastered –  the complicated task of managing their social media profiles to raise their profile and engage with their suppliers, partners and potential clients. We have managed to comprehend their complex products, services and industry and create a great community while highlighting the expertise of their team and organisation.

Our work on social media even led to recognition by one of their suppliers. VH Bio’s Sales and Marketing Manager James Briggs said:

“The good news is that VH Bio was recognised by one of our main suppliers as one of the channel partner/distributors with the “best social media”!! This is really great news that I wanted to share with you and shows how positively the work you’re doing is being received by us and our suppliers. Thank you again for this.”

We’d love to learn about other businesses and are ready to take on the challenge of marketing your company, no matter how complicated the subject matter. Get in touch to see how Podium can help you stand out online.