At times, email marketing seems like another item to complete on a very big to-do list. However, it’s actually a very important marketing tool for establishing and maintaining a rapport with clients.

Here are just a few of the reasons why email marketing should automatically be an element of any good marketing strategy.

Benefits of email marketing


Most email marketing software applications, like MailChimp, are free up to a certain amount of subscribers. This is a great opportunity for marketers to get their message out to thousands of customers several times a month.

Rise in traffic

Your email should be filled with links to your website. If your content is engaging your web traffic should rise. Emails are your way into an office without setting foot in the building, so include relevant content and base it around the customer’s needs, not what you want from them.

Customer retention

By sending out an email at least once a month, you stay in contact with all clients and customers. Segmented mailing lists can help you even further. Introducing discounts for loyal customers, online coupons for new ones and general updates to everyone can help further your business. Not every email needs to include an offer, but seasonal ones are great for keeping customers coming back to you.

Potential to drive sales

Considering the previous point, offers and discounts offer an opportunity for the customer to buy your products for less. Approximately 93 per cent of shoppers use coupons or discount codes, which means people are looking for a good deal to snap up.

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Check back for our follow-up on how to put together successful email marketing campaigns.