Father’s Day falls on Sunday 17th June this year, which means you don’t have long left to pick up a card and more importantly, to think about your marketing campaign. In 2017, British consumers spent over £695 million on gifts and this figure is expected to be even higher this year, meaning that there is plenty of opportunities for retailers to promote their products to eager shoppers.


If you’ve left things until the last minute, you’re not alone and there is still time to turn around an effective marketing campaign and reap the rewards. Before we delve into some of the most successful and easiest to implement marketing ideas, there’s a couple of points to consider:


  • UK spending for Father’s Day is lower than it is for Mother’s Day, and retailers continue to do less to promote the occasion. With less competition, you’re more likely to stand out and gain the attention of consumers.


  • The best-selling gifts for Father’s Day in the UK are chocolate, alcohol, books, gadgets and aftershave.


Bundle It Up


Make shopping as easy as possible for your customers by grouping together a selection of key products that would be ideal as Father’s Day gifts and present them on a dedicated landing page. Give it a catchy title such as ‘Don’t Forget Dad!’ or ‘For the Man Who Has Everything’ and ensure you implement the messaging throughout your campaign.


Additionally, you should create a promotional banner with your chosen messaging for the home page that links through to the landing page to ensure the customer journey is straight forward as possible. This will help customers find what they’re looking for and help increase conversions.


Make It Pinteresting


Add a ‘Pin It’ button to your landing page for a simple way to promote your Father’s Day products on Pinterest. The button allows people to pin an image from your website to Pinterest, allowing your site visitors to easily share your site’s visual content on Pinterest.


Gain additional traffic to your website and grow your social reach by including the button within all communication during your Father’s Day campaign including emails and blog posts.


To generate the button for a specific image, insert the URL of the page that image appears on and add the URL location for the image you want visitors to pin (right click on the image on your website and click ‘Copy Image Location’ and paste the URL under the ‘Location’ field). Make sure you write a short, keyword-optimised description of the image.


Offer Free Shipping


9 out if 10 consumers say free shipping is their number one incentive to shop online. With this in mind, consider offering free shipping for a limited time period to encourage sales. Additionally, offering free next day delivery will help you attract the last minute shoppers.


Here is an example of promotions that would work well:


  • Get free shipping on all of our Father’s Day gifts


  • Father’s Day is this Sunday – find the perfect gift and receive free next day delivery


  • 10% off Father’s Day gifts – spend £X and receive free delivery


Whether you build the cost of shipping into your product prices or set a minimum spend, it’s definitely going to be a driver of sales for you.


Social Giveaway


Select one of your best selling products (or several depending on budget) and run a Father’s Day giveaway, which can be hosted on your website and across your social media channels for additional exposure. Depending on your type of business, holding a giveaway is a great way to find new customers and increase sales.


Don’t forget to set some rules for the giveaway, such as asking entrants to enter their email address to help you build your email list or like your Facebook page to help build your social presence. Whatever your marketing goals, make sure the rules are clearly stated to ensure you receive maximum results.


Use these Father’s Day marketing ideas to reach shoppers when they’re actively looking to purchase and with a few simple tweaks, your campaign can be applied to other important events in the calendar.


Which of these Father’s Day marketing ideas will you try?