4 tips for making holiday Facebook ads that convert



The holiday season can be one of the most profitable times of the year. People are ready to spend money, which means it is time for businesses to step up their game.

For businesses, posting on Facebook alone isn’t enough – especially with all the competition during the holiday season. Facebook ads targeted at the right audience can give your business a big competitive advantage.

In this post, we will go through four tips for creating holiday ads that convert on Facebook.

Use visual fun content.

Visual content is more appealing and more likely to be shared. No matter what type of ad you create, the image needs to be visually appealing.

Last year, Dorothy Perkins created a calendar of daily promotional offers. The ad was visually pleasing and its advent-calendar style was fun and engaging.

Dorothy Perkins calendar

Create ads for each sales event.

Black Friday sales or Cyber Monday sales are usually lumped into the holiday season. The best practice is to create ads for each individual event. For example, Black Friday should have a unique set of ads.

When advertising sales, you want to make sure users know they are getting a good deal, which you should try to convey in the graphic.


Use phrases like ‘”Best gifts ever ‘’

During the holidays, you can push products that people are not usually interested in by targeting them as gifts, like the ‘perfect stocking stuffers’. Phrases like ‘the best gift ever’ will make customers consider your products as gifts, even if they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Would you ever consider a photo blanket as a gift?


Know your audience.

To get more value from your ads this holiday season, try to focus on the right people. Firstly, target your existing customers and then target new ones by age, gender, location, interests and more.

Keep a close eye on your ads and use your page insights and audience insights to learn more about your users.  That way you can pause any ad campaigns that aren’t performing well and refine your holiday ads to increase conversions.


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