Can digital marketing really replace an established TV advertising campaign? Here we examine a recent campaign that Podium carried out for a client in the legal sector – achieving better results for less than half the budget.

In 18 months, with an operating budget 60% lower than what had been spent on TV adverts, Podium has delivered a 28% increase in website enquiries, 367% increase in overall website traffic, and a 77% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

What was the aim of the campaign?

Podium was approached by this legal company because TV advertising simply wasn’t delivering for it any more. Despite being a well-known brand in the North East, website traffic and, more importantly, new business enquiries, had been diminishing.

Podium devised a digital marketing strategy that aimed to revive the fortunes of the website, while providing a platform for the business as a whole to develop.

This would bring the brand to new audiences via social media, improve the website’s performance on key search engines such as Google, and increase website traffic and enquiries.

What methods were used?

Podium is a focused digital marketing agency and we believe the best results are achieved when social media, website content (blogs, etc), pay-per-click and technical SEO are blended together.

Firstly, our technical SEO experts optimised the client’s website to ensure it was geared up to perform as well as possible on search engines. SEO work is never truly ‘done’, and optimisation work takes place on a regular basis.

Our client needed an improved presence on social media, so we relaunched its Facebook and Twitter channels, ideal for reaching members of the public. We started a social media advertising campaign to ensure careful targeting of messaging to specific audience groups.

We took on responsibilities for blogging on the site, improving the quality and variety of content on the website.

We relaunched its pay-per-click campaign with the aim of achieving better value for money and driving more traffic.

What were the results?

The results, on a fraction of the previous TV/marketing budget, have been astonishing.

For the 18 months that Podium has been delivering its strategy, enquiries through the website have gone up by 28 per cent – with a budget 60 per cent smaller than what was previously being spent.

Podium has also delivered significant increases in all other key areas:

  • 77% increase in organic web traffic from search engines.
  • 367% increase in overall website traffic.
  • 292% increase in pay-per-click traffic (at a reduced overall cost per click).

It isn’t news to us that digital is helping brands to reach new levels of exposure, when compared to traditional broadcasting.

If you’re spending money on TV campaigns and not seeing returns, we may be able to help increase sales and cut costs. Call 0191 466 1455 or drop us an email on [email protected]