Experiential marketing breaks down the wall between consumers and brands. Often compared to event marketing – it immerses consumers through experiences, stunts and product sampling.

Flourishing in the age of technology the strategy pushes consumers to interact with brands directly – influencing them to share their experiences across social media platforms.

If you’ve been on social media recently, you’ll know that Coachella has hit with a bang. Dubbed an Instagram hotspot due to its clientele of models, millennial influencers and celebrities – Coachella has become the ultimate marketing event.

Unfortunately, the Podium office had other plans this year, but we’ve been watching closely and noticed some impressive marketing stunts.

YSL Beauty Station:

The “YSL beauty station” featured branded pumps, vending machines and a virtual mirror for testing lipstick shades – not forgetting the field of black YSL balloons for the perfect Instagram shot.

Headed by model and influencer Kaia Gerber, YSL’s first ever Coachella collaboration promoted the release of four new products.

The promotion was strategically placed along route 111 and cleverly designed as a chic gas station. The concept combined digital technology and social media providing many photo opportunities ideal for sharing.



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Donald Glover x Adidas Originals Trainers:

The internationally famous musician/actor also known as Childish Gambino airdropped a picture of his unreleased trainers onto iPhones during the first festival weekend – if attendees accepted the photo, they received a free pair of the unreleased trainers.

Those who received the trainers had to sign a contract promising to wear them all weekend, to attend his headline slot and to keep the trainers for the rest of the festival.

The marketing stunt used technology and exclusivity to generate a product buzz. The contract ensured all participants would be a walking advert for the shoes throughout the festival.



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Why should we be taking notice?

In 2019 many millennials feel cynical towards brands and feel distant from products. Experiential marketing increases consumer loyalty and provides material that can be shared across social media, in turn enhancing your online presence.

You don’t need the budget to advertise at Coachella to create experiential marketing campaigns, this can be achieved through content generating stunts and competitions on a smaller scale.

Newcastle Clinic – juicer competition

For example, one of our clients, Newcastle Clinic is home to the North East of England and Scotland’s only open MRI scanner. The clinic is private but is also used by NHS patients who are claustrophobic, anxious or don’t fit into a regular scanner.

We created a competition advertising the USP of the scanner, inviting consumers to predict how much juice would fit inside – afterwards the juice was donated to a foodbank.

The campaign generated positive engagement across social media and provided a personal experience for consumers by involving them in the marketing stunt.


We are not suggesting you spend all your marketing budget on experiential marketing but creating something different once or twice a year can be monumental.

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