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Social media privacy: where do you draw the line?

The Admiral insurance group has unveiled plans to launch a product called firstcarquote, which will monitor people’s social media activity, tracking the personality traits that, in its view, make dangerous drivers, and adjusting policy prices accordingly. We are in favour of insurers finding ways to legitimately make our roads safer, but surely this is an invasion of privacy: an Orwellian policing of thought. This won’t prevent accidents from happening,… Read more →

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Why simplifying content is not the same as ‘dumbing down’

There is a feeling that, as a culture, we are dumbing down. A feeling that a fixation with celebrities and pictures of cats, along with supposedly reduced attention spans, means the only way to reach an audience is to join in and churn out endless pointless memes that offer no real value to anybody, beyond fleeting entertainment. That’s not the case, of course,… Read more →


How to adapt to the latest social media algorithm updates

Podium monitors algorithm changes in order to adapt quickly and maintain high rankings for our clients. Whether it’s an update to Google search, which impacts SEO, or adjustments to how social media networks display content to users, these changes impact our day-to-day work. Understanding changes to algorithms helps us to gauge how to better tailor our services for clients’ websites… Read more →

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[POSITION FILLED] Podium is hiring – social media recruitment

This role has now been filled. Thank you to those of you who applied.   Account executive: social media & online content Full time, salary dependent on experience Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Newcastle-based search marketing agency Podium has an outstanding opportunity for an enthusiastic, talented and creative communicator to work as part of its growing team. The successful candidate will be required… Read more →

Maria Sharapova

Controlling the story: Sharapova’s textbook example of crisis management

Bad news hits everyone at some point: mistakes happen, and they are rarely catastrophic. Twenty years ago and more, people would talk about bad news just being ‘tomorrow’s fish and chip paper’, referring to the fact that chip shops used to use newspapers to wrap up their food for customers. What it meant was that news – good or bad – was… Read more →


Social media campaigns: inform, educate, entertain… and engage

When the BBC was founded by Lord Reith in 1922, it aimed to inform, educate and entertain the British public. These three concepts provided the foundation stones for public service broadcasting, and to some degree or other, it has continued to this day: it remains part of the BBC’s current mission statement. It’s a sensible ambition for all media content… Read more →


Case study: digital marketing versus print advertising

There are some business professionals out there who aren’t yet convinced of the value of social media marketing. (Too) many still rely on traditional advertising techniques or believe that social media is not helpful for business. We recently had the opportunity to demonstrate the value of social media marketing in comparison to traditional print advertising. And the numbers speak for… Read more →


The latest #OnThePodium, in which Gary Neville does A Good Thing and Steve makes a brilliant ‘Force’ joke

At Podium, we like to scour the internet for the week’s best and most interesting stories, so you won’t have to. Given that the average person spends 37 hours per month on the internet, we’ve basically given you the gift of time. Spend it wisely; thank us later. Anyway, you know the drill by now: good stuff gets #OnthePodium, and… Read more →