buried angle4

Copywriting: burying the angle to increase dwell time

Internet advertising revenue, the value of clicks and website dwell time are leading to the rise of a new phenomenon: the buried news angle. Podium copywriter Steve Maybury looks at the issue and explains why the approach may bring short-term gains, but will alienate readers in the long-term. The art of news reporting involves getting the angle of the story – the best, most… Read more →

Brand logos

Christmas adverts 2016 – reviewed and rated

It’s that time of year again: the finest creative minds in the marketing industry have emptied their bulging sacks all over our televisions.   Yep, it’s Christmas advert season 2016 and, as usual, it’s a hot sticky mess of colourful cheerfulness and/or melancholy aimed at convincing you to spend as much money as possible during the annual festival of greed.… Read more →

Maria Sharapova

Controlling the story: Sharapova’s textbook example of crisis management

Bad news hits everyone at some point: mistakes happen, and they are rarely catastrophic. Twenty years ago and more, people would talk about bad news just being ‘tomorrow’s fish and chip paper’, referring to the fact that chip shops used to use newspapers to wrap up their food for customers. What it meant was that news – good or bad – was… Read more →

A pig. Identity concealed for legal reasons.

Reputation and PR crisis management: the good, the bad and the (pig) ugly

Three days into this week, and we have seen three totally different examples of crisis management, ie organisations or individuals responding to adverse publicity. It’s fascinating watching how organisations respond when they are under fire, and in rapid succession we have seen one complete stonewalling, one outright confession, and one company that just decided to go whole-hog (no, not that one) and make matters… Read more →


Another day, another sexist advert backlash. Are they doing this on purpose?

‘Angry commuters blast sexist advert.’ It’s becoming almost a weekly occurrence as yet another company forgets what decade we’re in and puts out an advert that belongs more appropriately on an episode of On The Buses than in public in 2015. This week’s target is this effort from travel money firm WeSwap. Whether it’s sexist isn’t up for debate: of course it… Read more →

Chronicle 11.05.2015

Podium North East PR coverage

As we all focus on digital communications with increasing intensity, it can be easy to overlook the impact that ‘traditional’ PR results can still have. Podium has recently secured a double-page piece of coverage for its PR client Thompson and Co Solicitors, which specialises in complex industrial illness and clinical negligence injury claims. The article was a follow-up to a piece from 2012 in… Read more →

april fools

You’re not fooling anyone… It’s time for PR to ditch the April Fools’ junk

Humour: subjective, of course, but in most cases it’s reliant on timing, originality, delivery and relevance. Therefore, it stands to reason that if everyone repeats the same joke ad infinitum/ad nauseam, then it ceases to be funny pretty quickly. Which brings me neatly to April Fools’ Day, which is fast becoming the most passé, tedious tradition in the PR calendar.… Read more →