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Sur le Podium – Paris, Jonah et le foot

We found it difficult attempting to write an entertaining blog at the end of such a generally devastating week. Our ‘On the Podium’ feature tends to look for things in the news and the world of marketing that have amused, entertained and impressed us. This week, it’s hard not to think about the hundreds of Parisians, and visitors to Paris, who this time last… Read more →


The latest #OnThePodium, in which Gary Neville does A Good Thing and Steve makes a brilliant ‘Force’ joke

At Podium, we like to scour the internet for the week’s best and most interesting stories, so you won’t have to. Given that the average person spends 37 hours per month on the internet, we’ve basically given you the gift of time. Spend it wisely; thank us later. Anyway, you know the drill by now: good stuff gets #OnthePodium, and… Read more →


Who’s On the Podium this week?

In the first in a new weekly series, we’re going to have a quick round up each week of things that have impressed us at Podium. Three ‘things’ each week will earn their place On the Podium. The honour could go to PR stunts, pieces of marketing, toys, gadgets, pieces of news… basically whatever takes our fancy. Plus, because we know it’s not all roses… Read more →

A pig. Identity concealed for legal reasons.

Reputation and PR crisis management: the good, the bad and the (pig) ugly

Three days into this week, and we have seen three totally different examples of crisis management, ie organisations or individuals responding to adverse publicity. It’s fascinating watching how organisations respond when they are under fire, and in rapid succession we have seen one complete stonewalling, one outright confession, and one company that just decided to go whole-hog (no, not that one) and make matters… Read more →


On the Podium: Honda

On the Podium is an occasional series in which we take a look at examples of the very best work from our industry. Today, the latest effort from the car manufacturer that leaves all others behind when it comes to its ad campaigns: Honda. Honda adverts have always been great. It’s certainly hard to think of a bad one, and… Read more →