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World Cup Marketing: the good, the bad and the suspiciously attractive

We are very excited about the World Cup in the Podium Creative office. Excited about the football, excited about the build-up, and, as avid marketers, excited about the adverts. Far from ruining the event like commercialism does for Christmas, marketing, sponsorship and advertising is part and parcel of the World Cup. I actually look forward to seeing the adverts, and watching… Read more →


Copywriting: Make Your Copy Sparkle!

‘Make your intro sparkle!’ was the frequently-repeated, usually shouted, mantra of the man who taught me how to write. He was (and is) Mike Lockley, a fairly cynical but thoroughly likeable former national tabloid journalist, who can still be found upsetting people with his newspaper columns in the Midlands. At the time, I was relatively fresh out of university and… Read more →