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Social media integrity: our view on fake news

The last few months have shown us the ‘dark side’ of social media, with an overabundance of fake news stories going viral – and making a serious, real-world impact on huge political and social events. Like how a million people believed that the Pope endorsed Donald Trump: Source: Business Insider N.B.: He didn’t. Apparently, ‘fake news’ generated more engagement in… Read more →

Benefits of email marketing

Benefits of email marketing

At times, email marketing seems like another item to complete on a very big to-do list. However, it’s actually a very important marketing tool for establishing and maintaining a rapport with clients. Here are just a few of the reasons why email marketing should automatically be an element of any good marketing strategy. Cost-effective Most email marketing software applications, like… Read more →

Thanksgiving recipe

The Thanksgiving recipe for marketing success

First of all, can we all please press pause on the Christmas hype? As the token American at Podium, I must remind you of the goodness that is Thanksgiving. I’ve been constantly asked to describe exactly what goes into a Thanksgiving dinner from my British friends, while my American friends ask, “Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in England?” Both sides would… Read more →

love is in the air

Anti-Valentine’s Day marketing campaign ideas for 2016

Anti-Valentine’s Day will likely see more enthusiasm than ever this year. 2016 is all about hipster Valentine’s Day. “I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day before it was cool to not celebrate Valentine’s Day.” Image credit: Think Galentine’s Day. Singles Awareness Day. Alone-times day. You get it. So how should businesses tailor marketing this time of year? You can’t ignore it and… Read more →


ASA strikes again; proves us wrong

People say there is no accountability on the internet any more: that nobody ever admits they were wrong, because they don’t need to. Well, in the spirit of owning up to errors (unnecessarily, perhaps), I wanted to remind you all about a blog post that appeared here in February, in which we praised the latest fantastic advert from car manufacturer Honda.… Read more →


Krispy Kreme learns the value of a fresh perspective

It is always imperative to get a fresh, outside perspective on whatever you’re doing. It aids creativity, can help develop ideas, provides impetus to your work and, perhaps most importantly, can help stop you from making a massive, embarrassing cock-up. Or, in Krispy Kreme’s case, a kock-up. The famous purveyor of glazed baked goods has this week attracted a huge amount of negative attention… Read more →


When a Christmas advert campaign goes too far

The battle lines have been drawn, the entries are in. The major supermarket and department store chains have released their Christmas marketing campaigns. Each is clamouring to out-do the other, to become the most-talked about advert, in a bid to reverse last year’s disappointing high street and supermarket sales figures. It’s a tradition that, if I’m honest, I actually enjoy.… Read more →


Should you spend more time on content creation?

Some bloggers spend as much as 10 hours per week on content creation, on top of their full-time jobs, according to The Drum. The research, unveiled as part of Social Media Week London, underlined the importance of keeping content updated, fresh, informative and entertaining. It’s so important that people are spending 40 hours per month on maintaining their blog. The… Read more →